BT Fail :: A new level of failure

Customer complains of a fault. I diagnose and determine that the customer is doing nothing wrong, and it’s probably a line fault. BT’s response is near instant, lambasting me for reporting what is clearly not a BTW (BT Wholesale) fault. An entire day later, they update it to say that there’s a fault with the DSLAM. This is of course long after I’ve told the customer there must be something wrong on their end as BT says there’s no fault.

Is it any wonder that people think their ISPs are incompetent and BT can do no wrong? It’s because when BT has a fault they have the ability to actually go and look at the DSLAM and see for themselves. When anyone else has a fault, they have to rely on the BT Wholesale broadband diagnostics systems which are quite frankly, half assed and go down more often than a thai hooker.

This is what happens when someone has a monopoly but are mandated to supply wholesaler services to others to make it look like they don’t have a monopoly. Their own service is perfect and can do no wrong, while all those wholesalers can scream and shout and cry about the godawful service they’re being given.

  1. Rick has it right . After 5 months of stress and intermittent broadband disruption, engineer visits, innumerable spot checks, suggestions that my router or telephone was to blame or perhaps it was REIN or perhaps not i.e. the general run around with my ISP, BT has finally changed my DSLAM connection. Lo, and behold, no more disconnections.

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