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DoS Fail

Pet Hate: MTR

MTR, also known as Matt’s Trace Route, is an enahanced traceroute utility which after making the initial run continues to rerun the traceroute and calculate hop-specific packet loss and latencies.

Unfortunately, virtually everytime someone calls me and mentions “packet loss” and “MTR” in the same breath, it’s because they do not understand the output.

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ZyXEL 660R Half-Bridge Mode

A common problem with ADSL in the UK is that most connections are still using PPPoA. This means that if you want a computer to have a public IP address on one of these connections, you need to either have a block of IP addresses routed by your ISP to your router (at extra) cost, or you use a USB modem. There’s no real option for those folks that want to connect something like a SonicWall or any other firewall device directly to the line.

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