PSPgo so awful, Sony expects increase in sales of PSP-3000

No other company in the world has the balls to attempt what Sony is trying, and I would seriously love to know what crack they’re on and where I can get some.

Sony Schmuck A: So, sales of the PSP-3000 are okay, but not great.

Sony Schmuck B: I know! Let’s make a new version. But lets make that version so god damned hideously awful that people will scramble to buy the old one!

Sony Schmuck A: Excellent idea!

… and so the PSPgo was born. I mean really, it’ll not be long before the next Sony console shoots acid in your face to try an encourage you to buy a newer/older model.

And just to add insult to injury? The PSPgo is only £25 quid cheaper than a full blown PS3.

Sony have cojones the size of the moon. Seriously.

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